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SafetyLine "Anywhere" Unit

The SafetyLine "Anywhere"  emergency alert pendant expands your customer's horizons and enables them to live independently with confidence by offering them help at the press of a button, anywhere in the US where there is AT&T 3G coverage.

The "Anywhere Unit mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) connects users to a UL-Listed emergency care center 24/7, and users speak with specialists via powerful built-in two-way voice technology. Specialists can send loved ones or emergency services to users.

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Packed with benefits

  • Simple to use and easy to get help
  • Convenient and fits your lifestyle
  • Low-maintenance and easy to charge
  • Keeps users and loved ones connected
  • Officers peace of mind

SafetyLine "Anywhere" Unit Specs

Color: Black
Weight: 2 oz.
Size: 2.7" X 1.7" X 0.7"
Battery: Up to 30 days per charge
Network: AT& T 3G Cellular Network

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SafetyLine "GPS Location" Unit

In addition to standard Anywhere Unit functionality, the GPS Location emergency alert pendant offers family the ability to locate the user via GPS and WiFi location technologies to view their location information.

Loved ones can locate the user through an online portal, a free mobile app, or via text message.

Benefits that offer peace of mind

  • Customers can easily get help at home or away
  • Includes GPS and WiFi location technologies
  • Connects users with their loved ones

GPS Location Unit Specs
Color: Black
Weight: 2.3 oz
Size: 2.9″ x 1.6″ x 0.8″
Battery: Up to 5 days per charge
Network: AT&T

(Fall detection is also available upon request)

GPS Unit

Privacy Policy

You authorize SafetyLine to collect your IoT emergency response pendant device location from third parties including wireless carriers and to use it to provide assistance services to you. SafetyLine will share your location with individuals you authorize as well as first responders and call centers in order to provide you with assistance, including showing your location in near-real time in a web portal or application.

Your consent will be valid for the duration of your relationship with us unless you revoke it. You may revoke your consent by calling 360-303-4632. If you do not consent or you revoke consent, we may be unable to provide you with assistance.

Privacy Policy is available upon written request.