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A Friendly Reminder to Take Medicines on Time

Give your loved one a medication reminder device from SafetyLine based out of Kenmore, WA. Medline is a medicine dispenser that alerts your loved ones whenever it's time for them to take a pill. Aside from this, we provide extra assistance so your loved ones can take care of themselves and maintain their independence.

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Smart Pill Dispenser

Have a way to ensure that your loved ones are taking their medicines on schedule.  We offer an affordable and reliable medication solution to help yhou remind them of when to take medicine. When a medication is missed, a family member or a facility will be notified. MedLine dispenses medication at the exact scheduled time for up to four times a day. It can hold 28 doses and is easy to refill. Other features of this product include:

Large LED Display Clock | Lock and Key Protection | 72-hour Battery Backup | Programmable Alarm

Reasonable  Prices

The device is available for rent at $26.95 a month, while extra trays with lids are available at $2.00 a month. You may also rent a monitored MedLine unit. They range from $39.99 - $49.99 a month, or purchase the non-monitored version for $189.00.