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Emergency Device for Seniors

SafetyLine in Kenmore, WA, offers medical alert devices for senior care. These devices manage the lifestyle of senior citizens, offering a lot of benefits not only for them, but also for their family members. Choose from the variety of products we offer and start taking care of your senior relative in a more convenient way.

push button medical alert system

Safetyline Basic

Let your loved on contact help 24 hours a day by the push of a button. Waterproof emergency button can be worn on a neck or wrist strap. Operator comes over the base unit to find out what help is needed and then can call family, neighbor, or emergency services. Our operator stays on the line until help arrives. Service is available for $27.99 a month rental.  NEVER A CONTRACT.
(A land line is needed for this basic service, does not work with Magic Jack or Vonage.)

Safetyline Wireless

In the past a land line was required for an emergency pendant system to work, but now more than ever seniors are using cell phones and disconnecting their home phone service to reduce unnecessary expenses. Safetyline cares about their clients and wants to make sure every senior in need has this important device to protect them and keep them independent as long as possible. No home line or cell phone is needed for service to work.  Wireless service is only $37.99 per month.

pendant push button alert system

Lock box hide a key

Emergency Lock Box

Allow paramedics to enter your senior relative's home without having to break a door or a window. SafetyLine operators would give the code to emergency services if dispatch is needed to save time to help in an emergency. Purchase price of $34.00.